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Looking for an inspiring keynote for your next sales meeting, user conference or employee team meetings? 

We got the perfect message. Whether it is a non-profit, an annual conference, all employee meeting, marketing team planning or executive leadership summit- rethink everything mindset is a message that transcends across all genres.

The Rethink Everything mindset focuses on how we lead ourselves and others in business and life. Our keynotes cover topics from servant to toxic leadership, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and creative problem solving.

We touch on the power of the pause and asking key questions that ignite new ideas and creativity. Is there a better way? Why are we doing it this way? What if? What can we stop doing? 

Then listening to ideas that follow and having the courage to actually take action. 

Are you about to go through a merger or acquisition and need to bring your team members together? Do you have a culture group within your organization that needs more ideas? Employee specialty groups like resource teams, women mentoring groups or diversity and inclusion are a great fit for a Rethink Everything keynote. 

Let's inspire collaboration, innovation, growth and forward progress.

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Rethink Everything Workshops  might be what you are looking for. From half day to full day workshops we can tailor to fit your needs.

Workshops take any dynamic team from leadership to sales to operations through a process to challenge status quo thinking and invite open dialogue, debate and even discerning viewpoints all in the name of forward growth and innovation and collaboration.

It's a different way of problem solving. Teams are left inspired to make lasting impact for shareholders, co-workers, community and customers. The workshops may be a day but the impact will last forever.

Rethink Everything Keynote Subjects

The Rethink Everything Mindset. Pause. Ask. Listen. Act.


The Link Between Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness and Wellness

Finding Your Unique Soul Signature. It's Easier Than You Think. 

One Team. One Culture. The Power of Diversity and Inclusion.

Navigating Your Way Through Merger and Acquisitions

The Power of the Upside Down Org Chart. Front Line on Top. Leaders on Bottom.


Leadership from the Heart. What does it mean? How do you do it?  

When Given Two Choices Ask What's the Third Way?

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With over 30 years of marketing and operations experience, Kristi through her company, Kaizen Consulting, provides executive level strategic support to investors, entrepreneurs, mid-market technology  companies. Focused on supporting companies through marketing initiatives, brand decisions, new product launches, mergers, acquisitions and investor relations, Kaizen Consulting provides the insights needed for revenue growth, customer retention, product innovation and servant leadership cultures.

As CEO of Kaizen, Kristi has been described as a passionate leader, entrepreneur BFF, CEO’s secret weapon, CMO guru, and a difference maker. In addition to being a business enthusiast, Kristi is incredibly dedicated to mentoring the next generation of leaders through career and work life coaching.

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