Kristi Turner is an Amazon best selling author, C-level executive, thought leader, consultant, and mentor.

She also happens to be mother of two, aunt to 14, sister, friend, daughter, and wife. She honors every role she plays to advise others in career, business, and work life design.  

As Chief Marketing Officer, Kristi has managed numerous private equity and venture capital funded SaaS technology companies through high-growth, mergers, acquisitions, and crisis management. Finding the right brand strategies, growth techniques, and communication to position companies to all stakeholders. She has guided entrepreneurial companies from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies.   


Kristi provides counsel to executive teams, investment firms and boards on brand, marketing, product design, customer operations, smart diversity, and employee culture.

She has worked with some of the top retail, telecom, financial and sports brands including Target, Walmart, Apple, T-Mobile, AT&T, American Express, ,Visa, NFL, NHL, and the Senior PGA.

Kristi has been interviewed and published in 50-plus publications and podcasts including Forbes and has coached C-suite executives for media and on-stage presentations.

Kristi is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for Top Women in Restaurant Technology as well as a Bronze Winner for promoting diversity at the 15th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

As a mentor, coach, and difference maker, Kristi teaches leaders and organizations her Rethink Everything mindset that can be applied in each unique season of life and business.

Her radical simplicity and contagious energy inspire companies and individuals to adopt a different kind of leadership—one that delivers improved bottom-line results while making a difference in their community, and in their sphere of influence.


Here's a little backstory...

I have this unique perspective of life, business, family and health. I pursued them all as equally important to my overall well being. I am part of a large adventurous loving family that gave me love, support and the courage to pursue ambitious career goals.

After a 30-year career in marketing and technology, I made it to the top as Chief Marketing Officer all while staying healthy, raising two amazing humans and staying true to my authentic self. I've dealt with every type of leader, employee, and difficult circumstance in the business world. I've also learned how to stay calm in high stress situations, enjoy the challenges, and set boundaries for healthier relationships.

I love people and I love helping others. I help businesses and individuals through seasons of growth- from mergers and acquisitions to career and life transitions.

I offer innovative solutions and a different way of problem solving that challenges the status quo. We all need that someone that gives us a fresh perspective. A lens for problem solving as you make those big decisions in career, life, relationships, and business. I help you see what you are not able to see for yourself. I’ve been there. Let me help you.

The struggles of integrating it all and staying authentic to you are real. I'm here to share what has worked and what has not worked in my career, business, wellness, and home life. I absolutely love what I do.



Creator of the Infamous WHUT Family Olympics

Climbed Trolltunga in Norway with my daughter

Former Classical Ballerina with Columbia City Ballet

Started Barrel Racing Equestrian Lessons at 52

Survived 5 laps of Drift Racing with my son

Escaped Baboon Attack in Victoria Falls Africa

Went Skydiving in my 20s and again with my son at 50

Went Hang Gliding off a Mountain Top


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