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From Soul Signature Brand Messaging, Product Positioning, Merger Communications to Rethink Everything Workshops that ignite team innovation. I got you covered.
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Does this sound familiar?

Your business has had good growth but it's time to elevate the product story, sales pitch, and branding  to get to the next level of growth... 

and you're not sure where to start?
Let me help you. I’ve been there.

Has marketing been a tactical part of your business plan, but you need it to be a strategic driver of your business? Is your marketing just spitting out product features but has no emotional connection?

Let me help you create the Soul Signature Messaging that will inspire all your stakeholders- prospects, customers, employees, partners, investors and board members? The story that drives action, engagement and pride.

It will elevate your product positioning, drive referrals and help your sales team close more deals. I'm your secret weapon.

Are you about to go through a merger or acquisition and need a plan to avoid the typical pitfalls? Need help assessing the sales and marketing potential of a potential acquisition? Raising capital for the next level of growth? You just need help putting the strategic story together? I got you. 

I’ve managed multiple companies through mergers and acquisitions. Communication is key to success. I have the tasks list that will keep you from making mistakes that can cost your time and money.

I’ve been there and I can help you.

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Imagine having an executive by your side that has already been there and can give you the insights of what has worked and what has not worked.

Projects are custom designed for your needs - from fractional to full time, for three months to six months- together we figure out what you need to get the job done. At the end of project, you get the exact results you need, without adding a permanent expense to your P&L.

Or are you just looking to fire up your executive or sales team at the next quarterly meeting? Let's do a Rethink Everything Workshop to ignite a different way of problem solving that creates more collaboration and innovation. The impact will last well after the session is complete.


Executive Team Rethink Everything Workshops


Marketing to Sales to Ops Customer Touch Points

Soul Signature Rebranding Messaging

Product Go-to-Market and Competitive Positioning

Advisor to Investors for SaaS, Prepaid and Restaurant Tech

Investor Communication Pitch Projects


Merger Communication and Acquisition Assessments  

Executive Team 1:1 Coaching Sessions

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In every season of growth, businesses need different strategies, support, and experience. With over 30 years of SaaS technology experience focused on hospitality, telecom, retail and software, Kristi brings her C-level marketing and operations experience to serve mid-market companies in key strategic projects.

Kristi supports CEOs and investors to develop the right strategy for the right time by offering fractional to full time C-level support, Kristi focuses on short term impact with long term strategies. Is also available to educate  and mentor existing executive teams through key transition periods like mergers, acquisitions and capital investments.



With over 30 years of marketing and operations experience, Kristi through her company, Kaizen Consulting, provides executive level strategic support to investors, entrepreneurs, mid-market technology  companies. Focused on supporting companies through marketing initiatives, brand decisions, new product launches, mergers, acquisitions and investor relations, Kaizen Consulting provides the insights needed for revenue growth, customer retention, product innovation and servant leadership cultures.

As CEO of Kaizen, Kristi has been described as a passionate leader, entrepreneur BFF, CEO’s secret weapon, CMO guru, and a difference maker. In addition to being a business enthusiast, Kristi is incredibly dedicated to mentoring the next generation of leaders through career and work life coaching.


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